Boston MA/Prescott AZ web site

Tim Wallace (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 09:08:10 -0400

I want to announce my web site, which contains an overview of
satellite viewing, pointers to the VSOHP, and pre-computed predictions
for several of the Boston suburbs as well as Prescott AZ.  This is
an easy way to check what's around for people who don't do their
own predictions or if you're not near your computer.  ( I know it's
overkill to predict for that many close sites, but hey, I live here!)

I update it several times a week, and it predicts 3-5 days ahead,
leaving a couple of old days on there for verification purposes.
Check it out, especially if you're in the above mentioned geographical
areas.  Also check out my animated visual satellite observing GIF!
I put this together for Geocities publicity purposes.  My hits have
seemed to go up recently, possibly related to the Geocities banner.


Tim Wallace, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington MA 02173
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