DoD-1 article - was: Iridium Article..........

Philip Chien (
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 18:54:59 -0400

"John Locker" <> said:

>the June
>edition of Satellite Times (Grove) there is a nice article by Geoff Chester
>about the craft aptly titled...."Will You Get Flashed Tonight?".
>Also  in the mag is a piece by Phil Chien ....... "The search for DoD-1"
> unfolds the mystery about the Top Secret backgound of STS 53!

Now haven't I told you never ever ever ever belive anything you hear from a
member of the press???????

Well, with the possible exception of one particular guy ...

>Whilst on the subject of classified launches , last autumn I wrote an
>article for a couple of magazines about the MIRACL laser tests.In it I
>covered SDI,and its re-emerngence in recent years under a different banner.
>I was taken to task by a reader after stating that whilst a spaceborne
>laser was planned, the USA had not yet placed such a craft in orbit.The
>"expert" advised me this was not so,and that he KNEW that a high powered
>laser was already in LEO.
>I still stand by my original comment.......but am I wrong?....has the USA
>placed a laser in space with sufficient firepower to destroy ICBMs?
>Perhaps only time , and the FOIA , will tell !
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well, consiering that you list "Alien Encounters" and "Sightings" in your
.sig, I suppose you can believe anything you want about spaceborn lasers ...

Or listen to the press.

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