RE: Mir/shuttle undocking

Sun, 7 Jun 98 19:03:10

--- On Sun, 07 Jun 1998 11:30:25 -0500  Rick Brown <> 

>1) Does anyone know at what time tomorrow (8 June) Discovery is
>scheduled to undock from Mir?

June 8 at 16:00 UT

>2) How soon after undocking can I expect to find a published elSet for
>Discovery (and where can I find it?)  Is it possible to find a predicted
>elSet prior to the undocking?

It normally take a few hours before it is updated from OIG.

Or see
for some of the resources that use the tle data from OIG

I'm not aware of the publishing of predicted elements for STS-91's 
separation burn. General rule-of-thumb is Discovery will go to a lower
orbit, thus it will move ahead of Mir in the same orbital plane. By the 
time there is more than several minutes of separation there should be new 
elements issued.

Jeff Hunt <>