Re: Decay watch: Iridium 69 rocket

Rick Brown (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 10:57:21 -0500

Ed Cannon wrote:
> Any good luck in California or elsewhere?

All I can do is report a negative result from Lincoln, Nebraska (40.844,
-96.620), where the rocket was to have passed within the 0800-0804UT
time range.  The extreme northern part of my sky was overcast, but only
patchy clouds elsewhere.

I'm new to the list, and the listbot has asked me to send a short
introduction about myself.  By profession, I'm a computer programmer. 
My interest in satellite observing goes back 25 years to the fateful day
when somebody told me I could actually see Skylab with my very own
unaided eyes.  Since then I have driven to lonely places and gotten out
of bed at odd hours that my wife simply doesn't understand.  Despite my
long interest, I'm still a bit of a novice, so I hope the more expert
people on the list will be patient when I ask questions like "what does
this acronym stand for?" and "what does this number mean?"

I have a web page (still in its infancy) which is partly dedicated to
astronomy.  Although its contents are unlikely to provide any new
insights to the members of this list, it holds a couple of interesting
pictures and QuickTime movies that you might like.  Please visit it at:

Thanks, and clear skies.

- Rick Brown (40.844, -96.620, ???m elevation)