Bahamas lights
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 3:35:17 -0400 (EDT)

Hello All Satellite fanatics,
It's been an unusual night here on Andros Island, Bahamas. 
I have two questions to ask the the satellite public. First off, I saw 
the the brightest meteor that I have ever seen. I was outside and saw 
what was a bright blue and white light in the sky traveling on a course 
roughly 106 degrees to 286 degrees (It scared my cat). It lit up the ground 
and sky and looked like a sparkler. It took about l2 seconds to transverse 
the sky. The time was 005122 UTC.  Heard a sonic boom at 005336. So it took 
2 minutes and 14 seconds to hear the sonic boom (Bolide or satellite). 
Must have been far away to take that long for the sound to reach earth but 
it was very bright and looked close.
Was there a decay, Maybe Iridium 69? Would it have been over the Bahamas         
at this time?
Second Question
Looking for anyone that has a data bank of U.S. spy imaging satellites that 
can tell me which single satellite passed over Andros Island, Bahamas at 
these two times:
First pass :  Thursday June 5th 1998 0051 UTC
Second pass:  Sunday   June 7th 1998 0018 UTC 
Bahamas location  24.4990.00
Thank you for your help