RE: How to find location.

David Priestley (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 13:14:36 +0100

Dear James

You could try the following URLs for coordinate information:

Route planners:

Address locators:

They should help you with both providing routes and the lat/lon of =
waypoints that you select.

David Priestley

From: 	James Russell
Sent: 	04 June 1998 18:25
Subject: 	How to find location.

Greetings fellow bird watchers,

   I'm taking a trip to NW Ontario, Canada next week and don't know the =
lat/long of the area that I'll be staying.  However, I could pick it out =
on a map.  Is there a web-tool that I could use to go through a series =
of zoom iterations to pinpoint my location on a map (topographic if at =
all possible) and pick off my coordinates?  I have e-mailed the local =
chamber of commerce and have requested local coordinates, but it would =
be nice to check points along the way--it's a 19 hour drive from Chicago =
and a few breaks along the way would be nice...

Crisp air and dark skies to all,


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