Hiding from the spies in the sky

Alan Pickup (alan@wingar.demon.co.uk)
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 20:23:34 +0100

The "Online" Science and Computing tabloid with today's Guardian
newspaper leads with a story by Duncan Campbell titled "Hiding from the
spies in the sky". Speculating on how the recent Indian nuclear tests
were timed to avoid oversight by US spysats (Lacrosse, etc), it mentions
the "growing international community of professional and amateur
astronomers, linked on the Net" who observe these and derive/publish
elsets. There is also info on software and elset sources, plus the
visual satellite observers' home page (though at the obsolete mpe-
garching URL).

The text is at http://online.guardian.co.uk/

The Guardian is a Great Newspaper, by the way. It runs a brilliant
"Starwatch" astronomy column every couple of weeks written by someone
whose name escapes me ;-)

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