Re: Mir + Shuttle sighting from Szczecin, Poland

Grzegorz Koralewski (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 18:44:16 +0300

I think we were observing them  together last night (Jun 3rd, 21:11 UT). I don't
know how about you, but that was my first shuttle sighting. I was so impressed!
Two manned spacecraft in just 3-4 minutes! Wow! I've always wanted to go to Cape
Canaveral, but yesterday it came to me. The observation was done from Szczecin
(Stettin), Poland.

By the way, where can I download fresh STS91 elsets?
                                                                      Clear skies,
                                                                                GK wrote:

> Hello All,
> today (June 3) round 21:10 UTC I saw a magnificent pass of the Mir followed by
> the shuttle  (few minutes later and a bit fainter). Despite of moon light and
> light pollution over Berlin I could follow them from London to Hungary. What
> an amazing thing !!!
> Regards
> Ullli Hanke,
> Berlin, Germany.

The author admires the night sky from 53.38N, 14.83E, 100M.