Re: Mir + Discovery sighting from Paris

Jens Lerch (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 23:57:49 +0000

Tristan Cools <> wrote:
> Bruno Tilgner <> wrote:

> >Discovery was just seen here, slightly west of Paris, France, passing
> >by Polaris at 21:09:45 UTC and trailing Mir by 3 min 30.1 sec on
> >virtually the same trajectory.
> I saw that same passage in Bruges, Belgium.
> I measured a time difference of 3min31.05s between eps and del UMA.

I saw the same passage from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Mir was about3min30s ahead of Discovery.

> >Discovery was considerably (several magnitudes) brighter than Mir.

> I thought it was the other way around.  Mir, which was preceeding the
> shuttle was some 2 magnitudes brighter than STS91.

I think both were of similar brightness, Discovery maybe 0.5 
magnitudes brighter.

Just before Discovery disappeared over the eastern horizon, a 
unidentified satellite of magnitude 5 crossed the track of the 
Shuttle. I'll identify it tomorrow.

Jens A. Lerch
Observing from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
50.14=B0N, 8.68=B0E, 140m

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