Re: Shuttle / Rev 0 re-visited

Neil Clifford (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 20:46:33 +0100 (BST)

Alexander Seidel scribbles:

|>been fine, but he also saw nothing, despite clear skies. So the Shuttle,
|>on a somewhat lower track, probably entered shadow a fraction of a
|>minute before my output date. 

It entered eclipse approx. 2225 UTC (I was too busy explaining to
on-lookers to make notes).

|>I wonder if there is a Pre-OMS elset around with which to calculate 
|>the true situation well about 20 minutes in flight, approaching 
|>Europe... Do you know? Do any others of the listees know?

At one time it was possible to spirit pre OMS (post MECO) state vectors
out of JSC flight dynamics. But one day things changed and someone
somewhere decided that this was to be strictly verboten. With a little
bit of effort you could probably invent your own.

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