Re: Shuttle / Rev 0 re-visited

Alexander Seidel (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 18:44:12 +0200 wrote to me:

> (snip)
> I suspect you needed predicted elements for the PRE-OMS burn to have
> accurate plots for the highly (well relatively) elliptical orbit
> Discovery first went into following launch. The above element is post O=
> (circular orbit burn). I didn't see any posted predicted elements for P=
> OMS. Flying lower and faster it arrived earlier at your location was
> probably in the shadow.
> Jeff Hunt

Many thanks for your answer, Jeff. This is one more reason for me not to
worry too much that I haven=B4t seen it. BTW: Bruno Tilgner just sent me =
private Email from (near) Paris, where observing conditions would have
been fine, but he also saw nothing, despite clear skies. So the Shuttle,
on a somewhat lower track, probably entered shadow a fraction of a
minute before my output date. I wonder if there is a Pre-OMS elset
around with which to calculate the true situation well about 20 minutes
in flight, approaching Europe... Do you know? Do any others of the
listees know?

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