Re: Recording satellites/space shuttle

Bjoern Gimle (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 06:40:14 +0200

>	I have heard that it is possible to record satellite flares on
>videotape.  Can you use just a normal camcorder for this or do you need a
>special attachment?

Mine is a standard Sony 0.7 lux Hi-8 camera. My previous Hitachi 3 lux Hi-8
was OK for some satellites down to +4 magn. or so when zoomed to a 4 degree
field. Negative Iridiums should work with "any" field, but they look more 
impressive with telephoto.

AND you should have one with manual focus, for I'm not sure auto can work
on a black sky with a few stars !

>	Also, are there any predictions for the upcoming space shuttle
>mission to Mir?
>Jason Felton
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