First Satellites

Jason E Felton (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 23:29:08 EDT

Hi everyone
	I just saw my first normal satellite and an Iridium flare!  I was
looking near Deneb and suddenly I noticed a moving "star", and then it
kept getting brighter.  It was defenitly brighter than Venus.  
	I also saw three mystery objects.  They were all near   A
Ophuichi.  At 10:43 EDT I saw a bright flash of light out of the corner
of my eye.  It was a couple of degrees north of A Ophuichi and was
traveling east.  It quickly disappeared.  
	At approximately 10:46 I saw a dim satellite heading south right
under Alpha.  I saw another one about 10:48 moving north under Alpha. 
Can anyone tell me what they were?
			Jason Felton

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