Garradd's images of NEAR

Robert Reeves (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 22:17:28 -0500

Greetings from San Antonio.

I just got an ammusing message from a friend of mine who lives here in San
Antonio.  Both myself and Gordon Garradd in Australia use this fellow's
server for parts of our web home pages.  Seems strange that Gordon is half
a world away, but uses a server in San Antonio for his web page, but I
guess it is proof that Bill Gates will some day conquer planet Earth.

Anyway, our mutual friend is an astronomer, not satellite observer, so he
didn't know what had transpired with Gordon's observations of NEAR.  What
he did notice was that his server went berzerk for the past two days as he
is getting non-stop hits downloading this most distant observation of NEAR.

He sent me in part...

>For the past 2 days my computer has been serving up his
>picture of NEAR with little more than a breath between
>downloads.  I think there's some prominent press release
>out about it being a world's record for the most distant
>man-made object ever to be photographed (well, ok, "imaged"),
>or something like that.

We have joked about if this keeps up, there will be nothing but a big
smoking crater where his server used to be.

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