My first daylight Irid flare

Frank Reed (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 14:13:56 -0700

Last evening I saw my first daylight Iridium flare - what a gem!!

IridFlar predicted a -8.3 mag flare of Iridium 4 at 5-31 18:42:30.6 MST
(1998 June 1 01:42:30.6 UTC) at 84 degrees elevation with the Sun 8.6
degrees above the horizon.  It appeared as predicted.

Conditions were near ideal for that time of day. The air was unusually
clear.  There was a rather dark gray-blue "hole" about 40 degrees in
diameter in the overhead sky.  Suddenly as I watched at 1x, the bright
object boldly appeared moving southward, then faded to invisible about a
second later.  I think I would have seen it had it been 3 or 4 magnitudes

-- Frank Reed
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA  111.898W  33.484 N  1227 feet