MIR Pass - Listening to Andy Thomas

Peter Bennett (striker@zip.com.au)
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 07:00:42

Hello all,

During the pass of MIR just after 6am local time in Sydney, Australia I
listened to Andy Thomas speak on 145.985MHz. It was quite interesting
listening to him while watching MIR go over with a peak elevation of 89
degrees. As I picked up the signal he was just finishing off by saying that
he's been doing some reading the past couple days and doing some packing
ready to return to earth.

The radio scanner I used to listen is an ALINCO DJ-X10E using the antenna
that came with it. The signal was quite clear.

I also listened in during a pass earlier where the peak elevation was 21
degrees, the signal faded in and out a bit, but was quite clear. Andy
Thomas was just finishing up talking to someone, and wanted to talk to
someone just quickly before going over the horizon.

Has anyone else here listened to the radio during a MIR pass?