Grzegorz Koralewski (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 22:30:02 +0300

Traksat is a really good choice. Maybe it doesn't have all those bells
and whistles as for example SatSpy, but if you want to make a review of
passes of 1000 sats for tonight it's what you need. It main plus is it's
speed. It's also free. (Well, almost. But if you register you just get a
couple of extras. I shouldn't say that, but it's already to good, to
register. ) I use it every evening at the beggining of observing
session. I load a big elset file and make a 'batch output'. It takes 10
minutes on my 486. After that time I have a library of all passes minute
by minute. I choose 2-3 sats and make RA/Dec tabular output for fainter
ones. Then I plot the positions on star atlas. When I want to observe
brighter sats I just open one of those 'ortho... outputs'. Lately I ve
downloaded STSplus and fallen in love. It doesn't do that 'hard
computing job', but for real-time tracking it's the one.
The author admires the night sky from 53.38N, 14.83E, 100M.