Re: Identifying observed satellite

Bjoern Gimle (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 09:46:41 +0200

Bruno Tilgner alerted me:
>I have tried to have a look at
>tilgner.gif, .cfg, .plt but it didn't work. I could see the names
>in your file list, but the actual URL was not accessible.
>My program does work indeed. Russel Eberst had 9 unknowns which
>he gave to me (I suspect he construed them) and which I could
>all identify successfully....

I didn't analayze my error, except that the extra files where in
subdirectory gif, as I did (?) report later.

Now, there is a file skymap.htm in my home directory, linked from
my index.htm, and with links to the other files.

The image shown is a .jpg, but the file for download is .gif
Paintshop Pro and Netscape in combination do something to my gif
files, so all elements are not visible.

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