New Member
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:18:58 -0400 (EDT)


I am a new subscriber and I am in the process of evaluating various software
programs which will forecast visible passes of satellites.  I am working with
a company to allow them to fine tune their product for a Windows 95
environment which will incorporate the best features of all the software
programs available.

I presently have Satspy, MO3 and WinTrak Pro.  Each has features which is
superior to the others.  I would appreciate information of any software
features which I should be looking at.

I am in the Amusement Park and the Electronic hardware and software business.

I have been observing satellites for almost two years.  The one thing I found
to really make the 'seeing' easier is a night scope (generation 3).  Until I
had that piece of equipment it was much tougher to spot the dimmer
satellites.  Now when I use the night scope I need to pay attention to the
'brighter' satellites in the view window.  The dimmer satellites are never
listed as 'visible' in any list that I know of.

I am ignorant of this mailing list but I did look around for awhile and it
appears to be what I need to learn from the 'old-timers'.

All suggestions and ideas will be greatfully accepted!

Ed Florimont