062797 OBS

Floyd Weaver (fweaver@nbn.net)
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 00:32:38 -0500 (CDT)

Hi all,

   Can anyone help me identify the flasher I saw on June 29 UTC. It was in a 
south to 
north, high inclination orbit. It passed very near over head around 1:41 
UTC and a little less than 10 degrees east of the north star at 
about 1:53. Mag was an estimated 2 at peak of flash to invisable. I am 
using The Satellite Emphmeris Page to get a list of the visible sats for 
my area and it did not list any that would match my OBS. I would like to 
see it again, but then it may not be rotating. Oh yes, it had a cycle of 
roughly 3 seconds

I also happened to see 96050D. Mag 2 and moving quickly. I check out its 
orbit and found out it has an interesting orbit, 200+km perigee and about 
900 apogee. I saw it near perigee, and that is why it was so bright.

40.3N 76.3W
Floyd Weaver
3 miles north of Lebanon Pa.