Re: "Circular Nro.2 / MIR...Observacion"

Ed Cannon (
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 01:01:48 -0500

Below is my rough translation of the Spanish-language report from 
the Municipal Astronomical Observatory of Funes, Argentina, via 
their "Achernar" Circular No. 2, regarding the decay of a presumed 
Mir debris object.

>/ Observatorio Astronomico Municipal de Funes / ARGENTINA /

]   Observation of the Decay of One of the Fragments from 
]          the Accident of the Space Station Mir
] On 25 June at 10:25 UT, from our FUNES site, we were able to 
] see the coming in of the remains of the collision of the Space 
] Station Mir with the service module.
] The characteristics of the observation were pretty impressive, 
] especially since they took us by surprise at the time we were 
] beginning our daily tasks.
] It appeared in the east at about 20 degrees altitude, moving 
] slowly, but with a very intense shining, creating an impressive 
] resplendance, and I compare it to an observation of a plane 
] [presumably the headlights--EC] seen from the front.
] Later, it changed from a brilliant white to a brilliant green, 
] having the apparent size of the full Moon, before it then 
] disappeared at a very low altitude above the horizon -- only 
] about 5 degrees.
] As a result of all this, it left a trail of white smoke about 
] 15 degrees in length lasting about 5 seconds.
] It's clear though that it did not surpass the magnitude of the 
] spectacle that was the space station Salyut 7 in 1991, which I 
] was able to observe clearly.

Can anyone confirm exactly which object's decay this describes?

Ed Cannon
Austin, Texas, USA
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