Mir & Other Object

James E. Byrd (jbyrd@seva.net)
Wed, 18 Jun 97 22:08:30 PDT

Hello SeeSat friends,

Noted a 10 second -1 mag glint of an object in Mir's orbit plane beginning at 01:57:22 UTC. Mir crossed nearly the same location at 02:00:20 UTC, 2m 58 sec later. Both appeared to be traveling at the same rate of speed.

Mir completed entering shadow at 02:01:22 UTC.

Chris Van der Berg indicates M-35 launch planned for June 27th. He also reports M-34 not due for release until June 28th.

Anyone have an idea what the object was? Perhaps M-34 released earlier than scheduled?

Jim Byrd.

06/18/97 22:08:30 EDT (-4) 37.17N -76.57W
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James E Byrd <jbyrd@seva.net>
Newport News, Virginia USA