Re: Recon birds
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 19:54:48 +0000

> From: (Allen Thomson)
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> Subject:       Re:  Recon birds
> Date:          Tue, 17 Jun 97 11:46:36 +0000

> As you've already been advised, Ted Molczan's files (they're also available
> at are the best source
> of orbital elements. Http:// has extensive information of a more
> general nature, and you should also read Jeffrey Richelson's "America's 
> Secret Eyes in Space."  If you'd like historical element sets, I can 
> mail you a fairly extensive collection for KHs, Lacrosses and NOSSes going
> back to the late '80s.


If you have a recent TLE for any of the KH series recon sats it would 
be very much appreciated. Apparently Lacrosse"s TLE is longer 

Thanks for your help!