Need elements for Proton Iridium launch

Ron Lee (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 12:17:56 -0600 (MDT)

This launch of seven spacecraft is imminent.   I am not sure that
I can develop reasonable elsets due to the uncertain location of
the Baikonur launch site and the inclination change (and mean motion)
that occurs soon after launch.

If someone could provide elsets I would be grateful

Ron Lee

TO + 0.0            - lift-off
>T0+2m26.6s     - 1st stage separation
>T0+5m37.9s     - 2nd stage separation
>T0+5m46.5s     - payload shroud separation
>T0+9m51.3s     - 3rd stage/(DM-5 + payload dispencer + 7 spacecrafts)
>                 separation, initial circular orbit (H=170.4 km, i=73 deg)
>T0+37m04s      - DM-5 main engine 1st burn (transfer orbit, 170x516, 73deg)
>T0+80m32s      - DM-5 main engine 2nd burn (parking orbit, circ. 516km,
>T0+88m23s      - DM-5/(7 spacecrafts) separation
>T0+1h57m26s    - DM-5 main engine 3rd burn (deorbit burn)
>T0+2h25m35s    - falling of the DM-5 into the Pacific
>Launch time is 14:02:45 UTC on 18 Jun 97 soon.
>Best regards,
>    Vladimir Agapov.