95-66A Recovered

Brierley, David UK (BrierleD@jntf.osd.mil)
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 12:02:37 -0600

Thanks to an excellent search orbit produced by Pierre Neirinck, I was
able to acquire 95-66A on two consecutive revs on 1997 June 15.  From my
observations I get the following orbit.  The inclination is a value from
last autumn, while ndot is a guess.

95066A  97166.35313266 .00008000
 97.8836 277.4750 0548922 164.4162 197.3805 14.75185613

Note that n may not be very accurate; my program gives 14.7518 +/-

David Brierley
Colorado Springs, CO, USA.
Station 2017
Lat 38.9583N Long 104.7603W 2115m