Thanks for answerng time question

Andre Beckus (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 05:02:41 GMT


        I would just like to thank everyone who replied to my time question.
As I have no shortwave radio, I decided to use the computer synchronization
method.  I found a list of software at  I got Socket Watch, which
waits in the background in Windows 95.  Whenever you use Dial-Up Networking
to connect to your Internet provider, the software automatically contacts
some servers (no long distance charges), and updates your computer's time.

        Tonight, using my newly synchronized watch and some printouts from
SatSpy, I was able to point my binoculars at the right stars at the right
time and catch some dim satellites (I couldn't see them naked eye) passing
by.  This was the first time I have seen satellites that dim.  I only saw 3
out of 8 satellites that I was looking for, but I'm happy just to have seen
anything at all.

-Andre Beckus