RAE Table of Earth Satellites

Phillip Clark (psclark@dircon.co.uk)
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 17:40:22 +0100 (BST)

As many of you will know, some years ago the DRA (previously the Royal 
Aircraft Establishment) ceased publication of its Tables of Earth 
Satellites.   Subsequently they had to dispose of the 1957-1989 volumes, 
since any that were left would simply be destroyed.   I was one of three 
people whom I know who obtained a supply of these books - and I have 
around 70-80 in storage.

If anyone on the SEESAT mailing list is interested in obtaining a copy of 
the book then please contact me.   The volume is a hardback book, 21 x 30 
cm, 6.5 cm thick with over 1,060 pages.   The weight of the book 
including packing is 3 kg.

The following are the postal charges for the Standard (5 days
delivery) and Economy (around 20 days delivery) services from the UK
("L" is used for the pounds sterling symbol):-

Destination                  Standard               Economy
Within UK                    L 5-15                   --
Europe                       L21-15                 L16-40
USA/Canada                   L24-60                 L18-45
Far East/Australasia         L27-80                 L23-65
Rest of the World            L33-70                 L18-55

In addition, you should add L1 for packing and ouside the UK please
add a further L10 which is the fee that I am charged by the bank for
overseas transactions.   You will see that I am making no charge for
the books themselves - I received them free of charge and therefore
it would not be fair for me to pass on anything but a zero-level
charge to anyone else: I am simply charging for my expenses in mailing
the books out to people.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the RAE volume then please send the
payment to me at the address below and also e-mail me to advise me
that the payment is coming.   Since my supplies are limited - in the
sense that once gone there are no more - as e-mail advices arrive I
shall put a copy of the book on one side with that person's name until
the payment arrives.   Once the payment comes I will mail the book off
to you.

Rather than send payment by post, you could do a bank-to-bank transfer
to my account, the details being shown below: again - please advise me
by e-mail that you are doing so when the payment is being arranged.

National Wesminster Bank PLC
275-277 High Street
Middx   TW3 1EG
Sort code:         60-11-18
Account:           05609879
                   P S Clark Trading as Molniya Space Consultancy

If you require any further details then please e-mail me.   Since this is 
not a commercial deal (I am acting as no-one's agent and am not trying to 
make any profit from the charges) I hope that no-one will think that this 
posting is a breach of what is normal for SEESAT postings.

Phillip Clark

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