Proton Iridium launch

Agapov Vladimir (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 13:45:36 +0400 (MSD)


Launch of next 7 Iridium satellites onboard of the Proton launcher
is scheduled on Jun 18. These are SVN009, 010, 011,012, 013, 014 and
016. SVN016 will be launched instead of SVN015 due to 015 was
dropped during loading in the U.S. for delivering on Baykonur.
The SVN009, 010 and 011 were delivered on Baykonur on May 06,
012 and 013 ones  on May 18, 014 - on May 25, 016 - on Jun 01.
The Block DM-5 upper stage will be used at this launch. This upper
stage is the same type one that was used on Jun 06 Proton launch.
Following launch profile will be used:

T0             - lift-off
T0+2m26.6s     - 1st stage separation
T0+5m37.9s     - 2nd stage separation
T0+5m46.5s     - payload shroud separation
T0+9m51.3s     - 3rd stage/(DM-5 + payload dispencer + 7 spacecrafts)
                 separation, initial circular orbit (H=170.4 km, i=73 deg)
T0+37m04s      - DM-5 main engine 1st burn (transfer orbit, 170x516, 73deg)
T0+80m32s      - DM-5 main engine 2nd burn (parking orbit, circ. 516km, 86.4deg)
T0+88m23s      - DM-5/(7 spacecrafts) separation
T0+1h57m26s    - DM-5 main engine 3rd burn (deorbit burn)
T0+2h25m35s    - falling of the DM-5 into the Pacific

Launch time is TBD soon.

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