Quicksat dilemma

Bob King (lakewind@duluth.infi.net)
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 00:00:51 +0000

Hello fellow satellite watchers! I have certainly learned 
alot by subscribing to this list the past year or more. Now I've run 
into a problem that I'm confident someone here will be able to 
I've always used Quicksat (V2.10D) to make a list for evening 
observing but as of a month ago I've been getting the following error 
when I try to run it: 
Invalid Month Number: 0
Now I've tried moving the month number, ie. "6" for June to various 
positions on first line of the Quicksat.ctl file but continue to get 
the same error. I've even added a "0" in front of "6" but to no 
avail. Does someone know how I can correct this? Thank you VERY MUCH 
for your help!

Bob King