Observ. Fri Eve: Bright unid flasher

Robert Sheaffer (sheaffer@netcom.com)
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 11:47:07 -0700

Observations 6 June 1997    (Fri Eve., 7 June UT)

06:03    UT  Approx time of near-zenith culmination of northbound 
             Mag 4 satellite, possibly Cosmos 1766 r (#16882).

06:08:40 UT  Approx time of near-zenith culmination of unindentified
             flashing satellite. Passed overhead in interior of
             Bootes down along the "handle" of the Big Dipper.
             Bright flash at Mag 2 to minimum of approx 5, with
             period of 8.8 seconds. 6 flash periods timed in 53 sec.,
             starting at 06:08:49. No likely candidate in
             molczan.tle. Best match in alldat.tle was #12086,
             80095E. What kind of object is this?

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