Re: UNID in France

Bruno Tilgner (
Sat, 7 Jun 1997 09:57:00 -0400

Rainer Kracht wrote:

>I have received this from Daniel Karcher:
>According to me, there is no problem with the Bordeaux show (May30,2205 =
>other than report errors. I observed the spectacular 97 26 B on May 29,2=
>( mag 0 to +5 ,photometric period ~ 5 sec )
>Peter Wakelin, Max White and I saw its last pass on May 30 ,21H58UT. Max=

>reported it as bright as mag -4.
>I timed its shadow entry at 215713, one revolution before decay, rushing=
>                                Pierre NEIRINCK (Cospar 2563) Malo-les-B=
>Due to 9 days holidays in south France, I got this Fax message only this=

>                   Dan KARCHER (Cospar 2572) Wittenheim

There are three problems:

1. The object seen near Bordeaux was flying from EAST TO WEST, whereas
97026 B (the Proton rocket) was flying from west to east.

2. The last pass for Bordeaux occurred on 30 May at 18:54 UTC, i.e.
more than 3 hours before the observation reported by Alphonse Pouplier.
The pass was far from the zenith and the sun was still above the horizon.=

3. The last pass seen over England and northern France at 21:58 was not
visible from Bordeaux because far too low above the horizon. Moreover,
the entry into shadow occurred BEFORE the observation.

In my view, the observation from Bordeaux remains still without

Bruno Tilgner
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