Re: Re: UNID in France

Rainer Kracht (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 20:25:06 +1

I have received this from Daniel Karcher:

According to me, there is no problem with the Bordeaux show (May30,2205 UT)
other than report errors. I observed the spectacular 97 26 B on May 29,21H00
( mag 0 to +5 ,photometric period ~ 5 sec )
Peter Wakelin, Max White and I saw its last pass on May 30 ,21H58UT. Max
reported it as bright as mag -4.
I timed its shadow entry at 215713, one revolution before decay, rushing W-E
                                Pierre NEIRINCK (Cospar 2563) Malo-les-Baines

Due to 9 days holidays in south France, I got this Fax message only this
                   Dan KARCHER (Cospar 2572) Wittenheim