Re: Mir Marathon / computer-assisted tracking

Alphonse POUPLIER (
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 13:13:44 +0200 (MET DST)

>I saw 89 satellites that night, most of which were small debris pieces
>not visible to the naked eye.  I glimpsed a few satellites I hadn't planned
>on, since one bay area astronomer brought his 8-in Meade LX-200 scope
>that was being driven by the C-Sat satellite tracking software (more info
>about C-Sat is available at www,  At first he had problems
>getting the rig to track correctly, but by adjusting a few parameters
>he managed to get it working ok. As a test, I suggested he try to track a
>few dim debris pieces and the scope slewed to the correct locations and
>tracked them very well.  It's not capable of keeping a satellite dead-center
>as it tracks; It uses a "leap-frog" method where after the satellite passes
>through the field of view, the scope slews ahead a bit and stops, waits for
>the satellite to travel through again, and then repeats the process.

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