East-to-west UNID in France

2 Jun 1997 20:01:23 -0800

Alphonse Pouplier wrote:

"On 05-30-1997 at 22:05 UT several (over 20 in different places) observers of
the region of Bordeaux Lat. +44d50m Lon. near zero
saw a satellite near the zenith MOVING FROM EAST TO WEST
3 sec VERY BRIGHT flash then 7 sec not visible and so on.
They say that during the flashes it was MUCH BRIGHTER than MIR.
What could it be?"

I could find no zenith matches.  Best I could come up with was OV 1-5 (Norad
#2122) which made an east-to-west pass in the south at that time.  Possible
new launch?  --Rob