SeeSat-L maintainer ad interim

Bart De Pontieu (
Sat, 31 May 1997 21:29:24 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all,

I will be absent from Munich (and Garching) from June 2 until 
July 19 due to work-related activities. Neil Clifford will temporarily
take over as maintainer of SeeSat-L and its associated lists. So, if 
you experience problems (during the abovementioned time period) with
subscription, unsubscription, the archive or even the list itself, please
contact Neil at

Of course, in case of hardware problems in Garching, Neil won't be able to
do much either, but those are rather improbable anyway, since I won't be
around to damage the cds-machine :-)

In the meantime, to save Neil from superfluous questions, here's an
extract from the help-file of SeeSat-L:

To SUBSCRIBE to Seesat-L, simply send a message with the word "subscribe"
in the SUBJECT: field to

To UNSUBSCRIBE from SeeSat-L, simply send a message with the word (you
guessed it :-) "unsubscribe" in the Subject: field to 

In the event of an address change, it would probably be the wisest to
first send an unsubscribe for the old address (this can be done from the
new address), and then a new subscribe to the new address (the order is

Most (un)subscription requests are processed automatically without human

Do not send multiple (un)subscription or info requests in one message.
Only one will be processed per message.

Thank you and goodnight,

Bart De Pontieu -- -- SeeSat-L maintainer
solar physicist at Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics, Garching