Unknown satellites

Jonathan McDowell (jcm@urania.harvard.edu)
Wed, 5 Jun 1996 10:00:51 -0400

Mike McCants and Rob Matson independently
identified the mystery satellites. Thank you very
much, Mike and Rob, for your analyses of the Chinese 
observations. I agree that the first object is probably
a classified US satellite related to SDS or Jumpseat -
interesting. The Minor Planet Center is going to
contact the Chinese observers and tell them the bad
news - they have a web page describing this as an
exciting near earth asteroid :-) - and crediting you
both with the correct identifications. Gareth Williams
of the IAU/MPC passes on his thanks - they are set
up to do heliocentric orbit solutions, but aren't
geared up to do the geocentric ones as easily. 
      Jonathan McDowell