Mir and Atlantis

From: Edward S Light <light_at_argoscomp.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 07:55:20 -0400

FINALLY! After a seemingly endless string of cloudy nights, the skies finally
cleared tonight (Wednesday 28 June) and we were treated to beautiful passes by
Mir and Atlantis. Mir, at 22:18 EDT, made a near-zenith pass and at brightest,
seemed to rival Jupiter; about four minutes later on a similar track, Atlantis
seemed almost as bright. Very nice! (It was also "cool", as said a passerby,
watching each object enter the earth's shadow.)

Ed Light (light_at_argoscomp.com)
Lakewood, NJ
Received on Thu Jun 29 1995 - 09:54:33 UTC

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