Re: STS-71 burns.

From: Neil T. Clifford <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 20:18:47 -0400

|>Page 623 on Ceefax (BBC TV's teletext service) says the programmes on Thu
|>June 29 are at:
|> 16:10 BST (i.e. 15:10UT)
|> 16:35 BST
|> 23:35 BST

I think they plan to cover hatch opening and play the actual docking
back after a dump to a ground station - there is a possibility there
will be no live video at docking as the Ku band antenna is needed for
the radar assisted approach.

|>I believe Neil is advising.
|>Any chance we'll get to see you in person?

No chance if I can help it...

Neil Clifford
Received on Wed Jun 28 1995 - 19:54:55 UTC

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