Re: STS 71 Launch Delayed

From: Neil T. Clifford <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 14:57:43 -0400

! wrote:

|>The info I have is that the launch is now set for 20:43:06 UTC on 24
|>June. The launch window consists of two panes and the preference will
|>be to run into pane 2 due to the ascent performance margin. Pane 2 opens at
|>20:46:12 UTC. The whole launch window runs for some 10 min 6 sec.

Right now to revise this (in an effort to keep everything accurate if I

Saturday 24 June.
Launch time 20:43:06 UTC.
Launch window is 10 mins 6 secs.
Pane 1 runs from 20:43:06 UTC to 20:50:05 UTC.
Pane 2 runs from 20:46:12 UTC till 20:53:12 UTC.

A launch in pane 1 results in docking on Monday, a launch in pane 2
results in docking on Tuesday. Thus at this time it looks like the
preference is to launch in pane 1 (again running into it depending upon
the ascent performance margin available), but retarget for pane 2 at
20:50:05 UTC if they aren't off the ground by then.

The ascent pass should be best visible over central Europe. Twilight is
going to interfere with observations from NW Europe.

Neil Clifford
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