Re: Hande Elements

From: Neil T. Clifford <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 12:50:13 -0400

jim.gorges writes:

|>Can anyone cite a reference or references describing HANDE elements? In
|>passing, I mentioned the 3-line format element to an acquaintance who
|>was curious precisely what additional data HANDE elements contain. I
|>was unable to answer the question. I've found no description of HANDE
|>elements in local libraries. I appreciate SEESAT readers' assistance in
|>answering the question.

The HANDE model is apparently described in Spacetrack Report number 6,
by Felix R Hoots, dated July 1986, from USSPACECOM in Colorado.

I'm not sure whether it is publically available but since it is an option
with Rob Matson's Skymap I guess you must be able to get it from

No idea about the extra info in the HANDE elset. Only that there are 17

Neil Clifford
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