Decay prediction SW

From: Bjorn Gimle <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 08:50:52 -0400

Tristan Cools asked about decay analysis programs.

( I must apologize for some of my answers being private when they
should go to seesat-l, and the opposite. On this internet server,
I can't see if a mail is personal or via seesat-l, and I can't see
the archive no. unless I download the RFV header as a file first,
and convert it to DOS format !)

I have so far used a simple analytic atmosphere model and a program
to find the least square approximation of the parameters to actual
elsets, that I created myself.

Here is the one I am testing now:
RPV, Dave Ransom, 2400..14400 baud +1-310-541-7299
NPOE30.ZIP 533729 04-21-95* 026 NPOE Numerical Prediction of Orbital
                                   Events, V3.0 by David Eagle

This has two built-in models, and a few parameters, so it is not to
tedious to vary them to create a near-least-squares-fit to elsets.

My latest integration of #23580 from day 158.3 gives errors
-0.79, -0.35, 0.17, -0.26, -0.26 for day 158.3, 158.8, 159.0, 159.1, 159.3
and a decay on 160.4

I rejected Mike McCants' integration program last year, because it had
too many parameters to set, and they were different at different
altitudes, so fitting to the latest elsets doesn't help extrapolation !

But judging from his recent results, sent to seesat-l, he has a version
which uses existing elsets - converted to positions ! I sent him a
question on this.

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