Re: camcorder tracking of Mir/STS

From: Robert Preston <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 00:24:55 -0400

Neil Clifford asked:
>I was wondering how successfully folks are using tle's for tracking,
>given that fresh elsets are only issued (to my knowledge), when the
>accumulated along track error is something like 5 kilometres (a
>significant fraction of a degree for a Mir pass at the zenith).
in response to:
>Robert Preston wrote:
>|>If you have a planetarium program that tracks satellites from TLEs, you can
>|>"create" a new satpole star at the pole of the orbit and then do the orbit
>|>track simulation and see how the pseudo-declination angle varies with the
>|>pseudo-RA at various points along the orbit track.

Sorry to have used very poor word choice in msg, above. What I meant was NOT
tracking in the sense that the program controlled the scope to track the
satellite (I use a Macintosh and a Meade LX200 and am not aware that any
program exists to make this scope track anything - [except stars!]). What I
meant was simply that the simulated pass of the satellite was *plotted*
(rather than "tracked") against the stellar background on the computer
monitor, for
example to print charts showing the expected path in the sky: these may well
have significant along-track timing errors, as Neil notes.

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