Re: camcorder tracking of Mir/STS

From: Neil T. Clifford <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 15:53:17 -0400

Robert Preston writes:

|>If you have a planetarium program that tracks satellites from TLEs, you can
|>"create" a new satpole star at the pole of the orbit and then do the orbit
|>track simulation and see how the pseudo-declination angle varies with the
|>pseudo-RA at various points along the orbit track.

I was wondering how successfully folks are using tle's for tracking,
given that fresh elsets are only issued (to my knowledge), when the
accumulated along track error is something like 5 kilometres (a
significant fraction of a degree for a Mir pass at the zenith).

Do you rely on a large field of view or use the position calculated from
the tle as the basis for tracking having manually corrected the offset
early on in the pass (or at intervals during the pass)? Or are fresh
tle's (few hours old) good enough?

Neil Clifford
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