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From: Andriy Makeyev via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 03:24:12 +0300
I agree with Dr.Kelso that the Mayak's tetrahedron reflecting surface has not been deployed yet (as of epoch 17206.1).
In available TLEs from for all objects of the launch 2017-042 without proper names Bstars are like and 
don't increase significantly (an order of magnitude or more) from one elset to another (about 10^(-4)). 
The exceptions are 
1) one elset for OBJECT V / 42844, epoch 17203.855 (drag term is about 10^(-2)), derivative of mean motion also increases 
significantly (2 orders), but next elsets show that those parameters return to normal values. 
2) in one elset for OBJECT C / 42827, epoch 17204.196 mean-motion-dot decreases, but then also its value returns back.
TLEs for OBJECT F / 42830 are ordinary and doesn't show even that.
For example, InflateSail's drag term is of order 10^(-2) and higher for all available TLEs.

Best regards, Andriy Makeyev
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> Do we have any reports of Mayak actually being observed yet? Heavens Above shows it as 42830/OBJECT F, but if this is correct, the deployment has not yet occurred, since there is no differential motion relative to other objects in relative proximity. - TS
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