RE: Soyuz TMA-17M launch orbit estimations

From: Jon . via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 10:26:17 +0200
Hi again;

Satflare simulation is loaded. It will provide live spacecraft position
simulation and live video of the launch (via NasaTV), and also you can
generate passes with the sky chart:

As allways the live simulation will start when spacecraft enters orbit (~8
minutes after launch) without need to re-load the page.

​Yesterday the TLEs of Calsky were changed by a better ones, so now the
position predictions are more accurate for generate passes:

Be aware that the last TLE (posted here: is about 20 seconds later
than the ISS at docking time. So I would give a minute and some degrees in
the sky ​of uncertainty (Ie, please do not try to make transit predictions
or any other accurate predictions). Also, due to the altitude uncertainty
of the spacecraft from second orbit to docking the spacecraft could enter
or exit Earth's shadow some seconds before or after than planned.



Jon, COSPAR 6242, 42.9453, -2.82839, 623m, Bitoriano, Basque Country.
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