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Date: Sat Jul 14 2012 - 12:30:19 UTC

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    I've just tried HeavenSat and as I understood it uses only the 
    Iridium-Like orientation (Vertical-Along Track). If the investigated 
    satellite does not use such an orientation, these angles (without 
    any other information) are of no use. It would be much better to 
    collect PPAS reports instead.
    However, to easily investigate and model satellite flares I propose to 
    collect the following data for each observed event:
    Satellite Norad, Observer's Coordinates, Time of the flare 
    maximum (up to  seconds or fractions),  Time uncertainty, 
    Satellite Declination, Satellite Right Ascension, Position uncertainty (deg),
    Estimated flare duration,  Magnitude before flare,  Magnitude 
    reached at the flare maximum,  TLE Line 1, TLE Line2, Comments;
    I included both the flare time and the satellite position because 
    sometimes we can't manage to take the time accurately (think for example
    about accidental observations) but we can memorize rather well the 
    position of the flare with respect to stars. The observer can write only one
    of these two fields. 
    I am willing to discuss a possible standardization of a possible format 
    for reporting flares (with the aim of modelling), if one is not yet 
    Best Regards,
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    >I told you I don't know HeavenSat.
    >My point is that if HS assumes only one of possible orientations, this
    >should be known and considered if it is appropriate for the object at
    >The coordinate system used should also be mentioned for the benefit of
    >members using other programs or algorithms !
    >2012/7/14 Jon Mikel <>:
    >> So, how make heavensat for calcule this? when you press the button for
    >> calculate the mirror only appears 2 angles,and for make the mirror table
    >> only you have to enter this: name, angle 1, angle 2, Max. angle, flare
    >> angle,center lat, center long.
    >> When you introduce the name and the 3 others angles you press apply button
    >> and you obtain the other data
    >> 2012/7/13 Björn Gimle <>
    >>> Thank you, Simone !
    >>> Your explanations are perfectly clear.
    >>> /Björn
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