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Date: Fri Jul 13 2012 - 13:53:26 UTC

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    Pardon my unfamiliarity with HeavenSat (and SatFlare), but the list looks
    too simple.
    Any flare calculation must assume that the surface(s) is/are fixed relative
    to a coordinate system, whose axes MAY be in the direction of travel and to
    the local vertical (and orthogonal to those), like the Iridium antenna
    But most GEO satellites' solar panels point in the equatorial plane, close
    to the Sun's RA; Iridium solar panels are sometimes fixed and sometimes
    turn to the Sun, depending on the Sun's position relative to the orbital
    Others may be fixed in stellar space, but turning solar panels. A flashing
    satellite has a rotation axis slowly precessing, and surfaces usually have
    a fixed angle relative to this axis (requires three angles)
    Does HeavenSat only suppose one of many possible reference frames ?
    2012/7/13 Jon Mikel <>
    > Here all the angles (for flares.dat)
    > Note: The title of the flare contains the magnitude of the flare, and a "t"
    > if the satellite makes more than 1 flares (t for tumbling)
    > Lacrosse 5
    > mag-2       42.200º      87.000º
    > mag+1      33.200º      88.300º
    > Lacrosse 4
    > mag0        34.000º      85.400º
    > ....
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