RE: DCB Obs JUL 12th UT - IGS 1A? W11 & W23?? Something else??

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2012 - 16:58:38 UTC

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    OOPS.. There is a missing sentence.. The sat from the first point is the one
    that passed *Just* North of Caph.. No other stars to measure from so no
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    Orion ST80 with Mogg 0.6 FR and a Mintron integrating camera. ST80 is
    piggybacked on a 12" LX200 which does the slewing and tracking. Focal
    Reducer is at max distance from detector and still capable of focus.
    FOV - 1.98 x 1.48 Degrees
    Time by IOTA-VTI GPS Time inserter (from VideoTimers)
    Equipment Notes - Luminance only is recorded to video.
    THIS IS A WIDEFIELD OBSERVATION.. 50mm Lens / PC164EX2 / Tripod
    99999 99 999A   8739 G 20120712054047020 26 25 2332363+532199 37  
    99999 99 999B   8739 G 20120712054047020 26 25 2333501+553792 37  
    Star A: 23:25:44.6854  +53:21:42.982  (2000.0) Mag 7.576
    Star B: 23:25:36.1030  +52:58:46.073  (2000.0) Mag 6.99
    Star C: 23:26:20.5660  +53:10:01.192  (2000.0) Mag 7.306
    I was playing with the new tripod.. In the house.. Looking East out the
    window.. thru the trees.. Cloudy, so spent a great deal of time locating
    stars and IDing them.. Positive on the star IDs, not sure at all on the
    sats, but I was aiming for IGS 1A, but got two sats at once.. 
    This is very near Ted's W11/W23 search elset, but around 3 minutes late.. it
    is also about 7 secs off of IGS1A being the second point nearly a degree off
    Can provide video, but like I said.. it's in the trees..
    Star at the end of the clip I am 95% sure is Caph. 99.9% sure of the three
    stars (see above) and the time (Time is never wrong)..
    Position is less than 100 feet away from normal, but for exactness..
    -121 42.1442      +37  6.7930  280m MSL
    Derek C Breit
    BREIT IDEAS Obs - Morgan Hill, CA - COSPAR 8739
    E. Longitude -121 42 10.0, Latitude 37 6 47.8, Alt. 282m;
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