MERIDIAN 1 flares seen

From: Alexander Repnoy (
Date: Mon Jul 09 2012 - 17:07:04 UTC

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    On the last night of July 8 at 22:15 UTC I noticed a flares object in the
    constellation Cassiopeia. As it turned out it was a satellite MERIDIAN 1.
    I checked their observations with the program Heavensat. I noticed that
    the satellite can say by accident, I was just lucky to see this MERIDIAN
    1. I saw a flare MERIDIAN 1 naked eye. The brightest flare was 3.5m, the
    most dim flare of a 6m. The interval length of time between periods of
    flare account for 45 seconds. Moving a satellite MERIDIAN 1 against the
    stars was very slow. The duration of each flare of time from beginning to
    end sostovlyaet no more than 10 seconds. At the time when I watched the
    satellite MERIDIAN 1 was almost at the aphelion of its orbit at a distance
    of 34,288 kilometers per program Heavensat.
    06- 61 A 12-07-08 22:15      AR                       F'F'; vm; sf; u mag
    Regards, Alexander Repnoy, Alexandria (Ukraine), 48.6657N 33.1137E 101m.
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