R: Re: Help identifying mystery flare and two satellites flying side by side

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Mon Jul 09 2012 - 13:44:27 UTC

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    Marco Langbroek already captured this pair flaring in the past:
    Unfortunately I don't have the old TLE to check their position at that time.
    About your observation:
    At 8.35.37 UTC the satellites may have exposed a lateral surface (angle 90 
    deg) with
    tilt of 65 deg. I added this surface to the online tracking program so we can 
    if future flares can be predicted (just press on the Predict Flares button):
    By the way, during your observation the angular distance between the 
    was of only 1/15 of degree.
    Best regards,
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    >Data: 9-lug-2012 14.56
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    >Ogg: Re: Help identifying mystery flare and two satellites flying side by 
    >Thanks for that. Unfortunately I can't answer your question whether
    >both were flaring. I only caught the flare out of the corner of my eye
    >and by the time I focused on the flare, it had started to fade. It
    >took me a while to focus on the glare and by the time I did that I was
    >concentrating more on the fact that there were two satellites - which
    >took me by surprise.
    >Do you know if these satellites produce flares regularly?
    >Paul Floyd.
    >On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 10:24 PM, satrack@libero.it <satrack@libero.it> wrote:
    >> Paul,
    >> you saw TANDEM X (36605) and TERRA SAR X (31698).
    >> They were really close each other. You can check them on the map
    >> at this link (zoom in the sky chart to separate them)
    >> http://www.satflare.com/track.php?q=36605,31698&cchart=1&JD=2456117.
    >> 85814595&lat=-35.37&lon=149.117&alt=0
    >> (copy the whole link)
    >> Do you think both of them were flaring?
    >> Regards,
    >> Simone
    >>>----Messaggio originale----
    >>>Da: p.n.floyd@gmail.com
    >>>Data: 9-lug-2012 12.57
    >>>A: "Seesat List"<seesat-l@satobs.org>
    >>>Ogg: Help identifying mystery flare and two satellites flying side by side
    >>>I am just wondering if someone could help identify a mystery flare and
    >>>what looked like two satellites flying side by side about 1/8 degree
    >>>apart. I was out walking the dog around Mt. Taylor (Suburb: Kambah /
    >>>City: Canberra (Australia)) when a bright flare of light made me look
    >>>up. By the time, I looked up the flare of light was still about as
    >>>bright as Jupiter. It must have been brighter to start with to catch
    >>>my eye. While I watched the flare quickly faded away leaving two
    >>>individual dots of light. These faded from view a couple of seconds
    >>>later. There was a definite gap between the two objects.
    >>>By the time I got my mobile phone out of my day pack to check the time
    >>>it was 6.36pm AEST (take off ten hours for UT conversion) and that
    >>>should be 8.36 UT 9 July 2012. The satellite was heading to the left
    >>>of Corvus and towards Mars. At a guess, it was 80 degrees above the
    >>>horizon and heading the the North West horizon.
    >>>Any help would be appreciated in identifying these objects.
    >>>Paul Floyd.
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